Children of Light Affirmations

Written & Narrated
by Heather Macauley Noell

(Available as CD or Audio-Download)

'Amelia's Affirmations' which came to me when I was pregnant with my daughter and swimming daily with a captive dolphin every day for a month in the Yucatan.

One day I was reading a book called 'Communing with the Spirit of Your Unborn Child.' One question to ask your child was "What do you want from me when you're born?" Amelia spoke clearly into my mind, "I want you to help me remember who I am..." followed by the affirmation you can read below.

Amelia swimming with wild spinner dolphins in Hawaii when she was 6 yrs. old. and below at twelve, swimming with Itzel (the dolphin I swam with while pregnant with Amelia)

Below you'll find the text to 'Amelia's Affirmations' and 'Bedtime Affirmations.' Amelia's Affirmations is particularly appropriate for the 'new children' - sometimes called 'indigo' or 'crystal' children, and is more spiritual in nature. 'Bedtime Affirmations' is wonderful for relaxation and visualization. It was written for adults and children, regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs.

Amelia's Affirmations

My dearest, my precious One.
As you listen we will remember this together.

I AM the remembrance of my divine origin. I know and remember myself, the Divinity of me and I see this expressed everywhere in my life. Everywhere I look I see beauty, for mine are the eyes of Love. I walk with love. I talk with love. My thoughts are thoughts of God. I have no other thoughts to think. No other love to feel or express. Divine Life moves through me.

I am the connection between Heaven and Earth. I AM Heaven on Earth. Peace and Joy live through me. I love and I am loved. I feel God's presence within me now. I know there is no separation from Divine Love, and there never has been. At the moment of my birth, and long before that, I chose to come here in full consciousness. I am always aware of who I AM. I see all dimensions with clarity and love.

I AM the Soul, I AM the Light Divine, I AM Love, I AM Joy, I Am Fixed Design.

I am here to heal the heart, to heal the earth and I do this with complete Joy, because I know that it is Divine Love flowing through me. I can of myself do nothing. Through God's precious love all things are possible. It is with great joy that I see my guides. I am never alone and I am always protected. A pure Light that has never been recognized before radiates from me and surrounds me. Only Love penetrates this Light, only Love is drawn to this Light.

I AM the Way, the Truth, the Light, no one comes unto Love's precious expression, but by Me. God's love does not exist apart from me - It is me! I am pure, radiant Love. I am at peace. I feel God's precious peace when I'm awake and when I'm asleep. There is never a moment when I am outside of God's embrace.

I am all-knowing, all-wise and eternal. God's consciousness is my consciousness. My entire Being is devoted to loving God by radiantly expressing this love out into the world. All paths lead to God. I know this and I love impartially and without judgment.

I AM the Soul. It is my home, for I live in Soul. I have no other consciousness. Soul shines through my eyes, through the radiance of my Being. I dance Soul into expression. I AM Soul painting on a canvas of pure Light. I see beyond the dim light of this world and I walk with my brother Jesus. Quan Yin and Mother Mary hold me in Love's embrace. I dance with Buddha, I laugh with all the ascended Masters and they play through me. We are a constant source of entertainment for each other for we live in the joy of this moment.

I communicate easily and effortlessly. All of my needs and desires are already fulfilled. Giving and receiving are one. I see beauty in everything around me - for all is God. Nothing exists without Gods' precious Light shining within.

Everything has its origin in Love. Darkness came into existence at
Love's request - how else could the stars shine so brightly? I am here to shine brightly! I see the beauty of the night as well as the day. And in the same way I see the beauty in all souls. I recognize and bless the darkness for the part it is playing to usher in the Light, to embrace the Star of Bethlehem. I Am the Light Divine.

I communicate easily and effortlessly with all dimensions. I'm attuned to the plant and animal kingdoms as well as the realm of angels and fairies. I see in all directions for I AM pure consciousness. I AM Infinite Expression and perfect coordination. I walk, talk, dance and play with the purity and joy of the dolphins. I remember them and their communications, for we communicate still and they are the bridge to many kingdoms. My existence is part of the Divine Plan for bringing Light and Love to the world. I AM Love. I am an Emissary of Light.

My body and Spirit express perfect health always. There is no dis-ease or lack of ease in my world - all is well. My immune system functions perfectly along with every organ and every cell in my body. My growth and development is painless, for there is no sensation in matter - All is Divine Mind. The only truth I recognize is whatever God knows as truth. Love is my only reality and every cell in my Being reflects Love. I rest in Love. When it's time for me to sleep I am fully at peace. I rest - deeply and effortlessly. I sleep through the night always deeply comforted in Love's Embrace. I am at peace.

I love to entertain myself for I am pure Creativity, pure Imagination. My creativity is Divine Love in expression, my Imagination is Divine Mind communicating Infinite Consciousness. I AM Joy: The very essence of happiness and infinite fulfillment. I am joyous and happy in this moment for there is no other moment.

There is no separation between my body and Divine Consciousness. I easily, effortlessly, joyously and peacefully communicate all my needs and desires. I explore the world gently and with deep sensitivity. I am sensitive to all my guides, guardians and angels in all dimensions, and they are sensitive to me. I am being guided with love and sensitivity and I respond in kind. I am receptive to guidance that is in my highest interest, for the best and highest good.

I Am Fixed Design. Everything in my world supports me in accomplishing my purpose in being here on Earth. I move effortlessly, easily and consciously on the Path of my Soul. Divine Mind is the only Intelligence I know. Teaching and learning are one.

Bedtime Affirmations

It's time to relax…Time to release all the cares of the day. And it's fine to fall asleep while you listen to this because your subconscious mind will learn and remember everything from this evening meditation.

Start by taking a nice deep breath. Breath in …and then breath out. In….and out. And with each breath think to yourself … I am becoming more and more relaxed. As I breathe out I let go….I let go. With every breath I take in I feel at peace…I feel loved. As I breathe in and out I feel my body relax. This soothing feeling starts in my toes and moves up like liquid … as if I'm slowly dipping my feet into warm water. I continue breathing as the relaxation moves up into my ankles…..I enjoy this….I'm feeling more and more at peace as this feeling moves up into my calves. Every muscle lets go…my knees relax…every joint in my body feels supple and flexible and comfortable.

With each breath I move deeper and deeper into this peaceful feeling….I feel this feeling of warmth and deep relaxation move through my thighs….I am safe and secure and peaceful. This feeling moves slowly and easily into my hips…like sitting in a nice warm tub of water. I feel peaceful inside and out as I continue breathing. It's easy to let go …. I love to feel warmth and comfort move through my body leaving each part totally relaxed.

I feel more and more at peace as this gentle, warm feeling moves into my abdomen and back. And the feeling keeps moving slowly…smoothly into my chest and upper back. I feel more and more rested…I feel a deep sense of love….I am loved and I am loving. Now my shoulders let go and the feeling flows down my arms relaxing my elbows…. my forearms and wrists release along with my hands and fingers. It feels good to relax. I enjoy this feeling of peace in my body. I love breathing deeply and feeling this soothing warmth move up into my neck and throat.

I become more and more peaceful as this feeling moves into my head….my face feels totally relaxed….my lips, my cheeks, my forehead and scalp….even my jaw is loose and totally relaxed. As I continue breathing I lay here and feel how warm and lovely it is to have every organ, every gland and every muscle totally relaxed.

I feel at peace……In this place of deep, deep relaxation I know I'm lovable. I give and receive love effortlessly and easily. It's my nature to love….and because it's my nature to love it's easy for me to forgive. And though I may not know how to forgive…I simply say to myself, "I'm willing to forgive" … and then I allow unconditional Divine Love to take care of the rest. As I hold this thought of forgiveness I begin with myself. "I'm willing to forgive myself for any mistake I've ever made." I know that my life is about learning, so I can easily forgive myself and others because I know we're all learning from each other.

I learn naturally and easily. I love to learn and I love to share my experiences with others in a way that touches others with love. And as I reach out with love I'm touched by love too. I express my love freely…I'm bright and intelligent…my mind is keen and creative. It's fun and easy for me to learn … I live each day with joy….and even if I'm sad or angry it's easy for me to let go of what hurts me. I say to myself, "I'm willing to let this go…I'm willing to be at peace."

My feelings are genuine and I know that no matter what I'm feeling I'm always loved. I'm the perfect me. There's nobody else quite like me. Everything I learn is perfect for me…and whether I'm learning a lesson that's painful or joyful I'm always grateful to learn….and with each lesson I understand more and then move on to brand new experiences. It's easy for me to let go of anything painful and just hold on to the lessons I've learned. I say to myself, "I'm willing to feel the love and release the pain. I'm willing to be at peace."

I know that when I choose to learn through my love…my lessons are joyful….It's my nature to love and it's my nature to be joyful. I notice nature and I'm so thankful. I'm grateful for the night sky dotted with sparkling stars…I love the earth and it's beauty… and I love doing whatever I can to care for this planet. I see miracles around me all the time…birds singing…flowers growing…a magnificent sunset or sunrise…everywhere I go I see beauty in the world around me and in the people I see…I look for goodness and beauty in everyone and everything…this comes to me easily and naturally.

I love being kind and people are kind to me…it's easy for me to be in this moment…I release the past and I have no concern about the future….this moment is all that matters to me…I live my live with integrity…I listen to my inner voice for guidance and I naturally do what's right. I see my world and my life through loving eyes…each day I find more ways to look at every experience positively…I am abundant within myself…I am enough…I love myself. I recognize the beauty in myself and in everyone I see…for we all carry a beautiful light within. I recognize this light in myself…and it's easy for me to see it in others because I'm willing to look and recognize what's good in myself…what's good in others and what's good in the world. I know that whatever I focus on becomes real for me…so I choose to focus my attention on whatever is beautiful and loving…I focus on whatever brings me peace…greater understanding and wisdom. Keeping my thoughts focused on goodness and love comes easily and naturally to me…for it's my nature to love… it's my nature to be at peace…for I have deep inner strength and courage which come from loving.

When I need to feel more peaceful I go to a place in my imagination…it's a magical place. I imagine the most beautiful day…the temperature is perfect…a gentle breeze is blowing…the sun is shining…the sky is clear blue…little wispy clouds are floating by… I'm sitting comfortably in a soft, grassy meadow above the ocean surrounded by flowers. There are bluebells, violet colored wild iris, bright red Indian paintbrush, white Queen Anne's lace, yellow buttercups, wild roses…some are soft pink, others are magenta. I can see every color imaginable…I feel peaceful and safe and totally relaxed…

I look out at the crystal clear ocean…I see shades of aquamarine, indigo, turquoise…there's such incredible beauty and peace all around me. Nature is so abundant in this place. There are colorful songbirds and small animals…I can see deer grazing near some golden oak trees. The trees are all dressed in fall colors…the maples are orange, yellow and red.

In this peaceful place I can see myself inside and out. I can feel myself filled with love… it's like a golden light pouring into my body and radiating out like the sun. I'm surrounded by this beautiful, golden light…..As I watch I see I have something in my hand…it's a crystal with a tiny flame flickering inside…I open the crystal and the flame sends out rainbow colors of light….All the colors and light I've seen outside of me are inside too….I feel the colors as feelings.

When I look at yellow I feel sunny and warm inside…all is well….I breathe in the feeling of wholeness and well being… I am wonderful. I'm free to be myself. I feel loving when I focus on pink. My heart opens… I feel perfectly safe and cared for …harmony surrounds me… I see with loving eyes. I'm joyful…I live in the heart of love.

As I look at blue I feel creative…I have lots of fresh, new ideas….it's easy for me to communicate my ideas…I'm at peace. I speak with kindness and love…I'm forgiving…it's easy for me to forgive myself and others…

I see ruby red and I feel alive…I'm filled with energy…I know that I'm unlimited and whole in this moment. The past isn't here…it's just a thought…and I can change my thoughts. I can change the way I see things by simply saying to myself, "I'm willing to let go of whatever hurts me." And I can choose to remember whatever makes me feel good and successful…I am becoming better and better…I fill myself with loving feelings and I see and feel a loving world around me.

Emerald green feels peaceful…like walking through a green meadow… or resting under a beautiful, shady tree on a sunny day. I feel protected, embraced by love, touched by Mother Earth.

I love the earth…I protect the earth…I protect plants and animals… I think of ways I can make a difference and I treat everything with love and kindness… and I love my animal brothers and sisters.

The earth is our home and I do everything I can to keep their home and my home safe and protected, clean and clear and fresh. There are more colors in my rainbow. I see violet and I feel like I've hiked to the top of a mountain. I'm carefree and joyous…I reach my goals effortlessly and easily, because I enjoy the climb…and then I'm happy to rest for a while.

Aquamarine, turquoise and indigo remind me of the ocean…clear and clean…filled with colorful fish and coral.. dolphins and whales and sea birds…I feel weightless and free. Inside I can always swim and play with the dolphins. I love doing everything I can to keep the earth's water clear and pure. And as I care for the earth it says thank you every day with beautiful skies, colorful sunrises and sunsets … flowers and trees that burst from the earth to delight my senses…crystal clear waters full of wonderful plants and animals.

I am blessed… I'm thankful…there's so much beauty around me. And beauty is the way the earth says, "Thank you for loving me…thank you for caring." I see a soft peach color…I'm reminded of my own intentions. All I really want are feelings of love and acceptance…and when I give to others the feelings that I want… love, forgiveness, kindness and caring…I'm given all those things in return. I choose the world I see…and I choose to see a world that is lovely and filled with love and miracles.

Gold reminds me that I am a miracle…everything around me is a miracle. Every part of my body works perfectly…I'm always in harmony with everything around me…I'm relaxed…I face everything in life with joy and wonder…I see beauty everywhere… I listen to Love's voice…there's always a solution… and Love guides me every step of the way. I speak up for myself…and I speak with love, because everything I say comes from my heart. I tell the truth…being honest is important to me. I'm flexible…I make decisions easily…I follow through and complete everything I start. I breathe deeply.

I take in life fully and joyfully…I'm in charge of my life…my heart is joyful…I flow effortlessly and easily through each experience of life. I'm growing and changing every day … this is natural and good… I enjoy perfect health because it's easy for me to let go and forgive… And as I let go I'm filled with more love, more compassion…I love living in joy…I'm supported in life. I trust that there is meaning in everything I experience… I am free…I handle every experience with love. I have the wisdom to handle every detail, and every experience with love.

I love life and life loves me…I release the old and welcome the new…I am balanced …I love and bless my body… I move forward with love and gratitude…I stand in truth and wisdom and goodness. I'm peaceful with my emotions…I harmlessly release anger and pain…and I create more room for joy. I'm always safe and secure and protected…
I'm a winner in life.

I now go to sleep knowing my life is eternal, joyous and peaceful…I'll wake up in the morning feeling loving, joyous, fully refreshed and grateful for everything in my life.

* * * * *
(Available as CD or Audio-Download)

P.S. When Amelia was in kindergarten she drew this picture on our refrigerator
(it was really big!) I asked her what it meant ... scroll down for her reply!

"When a person dies their heart breaks and God comes out."



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