The following testimonials were posted at I've also added some personal emails I've received. For more 'Silent Language of Peace' testimonials go to: Intuitive Sessions - Testimonials.

Hi, Heather!

I told my therapist about Destination Transformation and she jotted down the website. That was 6 to 8 weeks ago (we're down to once a month sessions, but I just can't give them up entirely cause I adore the woman!) Anyway, I had a session today, and she was over the moon with enthusiasm. She's on day 20-something, and already recommending the program to her patients left and right. She was telling me about one woman (no names of course) who "Didn't have a pot to piss in" (her words) and started the program. The first week she got a check for 5 grand in the mail, and then shortly hereafter, received her refund from the IRS at double the amount she had expected.

Anyway, I'm rambling, but I'm so excited. Susan, my therapist, felt this was all supposed to happen. She said she had pieces of this here and there, but nothing to make it really hold together, nothing to make it whole cloth, until I pointed her to the site, and she found the program, and now she is just more enthusiastic about this than anything she's ever found.

We did talk about my issues some, but honestly, we had more fun discussing the program, and when we did discuss stuff in my life, we really were approaching it from the angle of what I manifested and where I'm putting my attention. It's wonderful. So it's being paid forward BIG TIME. And it just keeps on going and going. I just so feel that I'm in the middle of this .... big jump in evolution. I know you understand what I mean.

Heather, you've done an incredible service to mankind, to the universe, to all that is. Thank you again, so much.

Love, love and more love, wrapped up in a big ball of gratitude!

Maggie S.
New York

Dear Heather,

Words cannot express the level of appreciation I have for you and the work that channels through you. Thank you for the CD's for Riley, we are going to the hospital next week to give them to the kids.

Last year I listened to the Silent Language of Peace and enjoyed it. When you sent me the new copy last week I began listening to it again and again and again. It sparked such a transformation. As a student of Abraham also for the past 10 years, today I just for the first time fully embraced and understood the Art of Allowing. Hearing that even my problems were ok was life changing. You have no idea how important this was after just having three people in my life die within a month.

For years as a lightworker, alchemist and major co-dependent with my family of origin I felt I was responsible to "fix everything and everyone"

Although we have enormous blessings in our lives, a series of events unfolded that I could not fix but had to learn to accept, forgive and embrace. This process was so illuminating but also difficult.

The simple message that it is all ok is like a key releasing the shackles of responsibility. It feels like a gentle stream of wellness rather than the grade 5 river we were on before.

Today when I was walking surrounded by swaying Banyan trees, graceful butterflies and irredsient dragonflies God spoke to my heart about your wisdom. It was the most miraculous encounter, I felt I had ascended to a new dimension of higher frequency. He affirmed that all of life, all of nature is in perfect order. To be easy and gentle with myself and what I view as my problems. The eternal nature of life is constantly shifting, changing, dying and renewing and it is all ok. If you know the power of making peace with every aspect of your experience, if you could simply be ok with the fullness of your life the result would be ineffable. You would then understand the complete essence of me in every aspect of your life.

The suffering you feel is not the result of your problems, it is that you are so afraid that you are not ok, that the people you love are not ok, that the world is not ok. Know that through everything you have experienced in your life you have always been ok and you always will be. There is nothing to fix for it is all in divine order.

You are loved beyond measure my sweet child and just trust life is ok and so are you.

Heather, I feel as if you are an angel who brought me one of the greatest gifts. A gift when I was truly ready to hear it.

May God continue to shine upon you and through you as you share your extraordinary gifts with the world.

Sending you so much love and admiration,

Debbie Milam, Founder
The Best You Can Be Foundation
Pompano Beach, Florida

Hi Heather,

I am an OD (optometrist). Ten years ago I became addicted to pain pills after an injury. My recovery process was (and needed to be) life changing -- going through a divorce, bankruptcy, temporary loss of optometry license due to opiate use, etc.; but the most significant change was my acceptance and adaptation of many of the spiritual principles you speak of on the CD. I am much more peaceful now knowing I'm not responsible for fixing the world!

I heard your 'Silent Language of Peace' CD while with a friend the other night. I felt like you put the precepts in such a way I would use it in my work. I am an addictions counselor and work with opiate (mainly heroin) addicts. I used the approach today ("it is okay to use heroin...") and the person just broke down knowing that he could be loved. It was powerful! Thank you!

Thank you for your great work!

Dr. Rick Robison
Salt Lake City, Utah

Hi Heather,

It's Rebecca Nichols from Powerful Intentions. I had purchased your CD Silent Language of Peace. I remember telling you that I LOVED it and that while working I tune into your website to have the toning play while I work.

I wanted to also share the my husband and I have copied the toning segment onto a cd and have it keep repeating all night long while we sleep. We wake up feeling so amazingly peaceful, refreshed and joyful. I love waking up smiling. It's amazing! I just thought you would like to know that.

Thank you again!

Rebecca Nichols


Hi Heather,

I downloaded your Silent language of Peace cd a couple of weeks ago. It has been marvelous! Track 7 is superb and I really am enjoying digesting Track 5, lots in that one!!

I also really appreciate the induction into a peacefull state that I receive from both the dialogue and the music. In the past few weeks I have gone from disocvering "The Secret", then on to Abraham, then your CD, then Dr. Dyer with his JAPA meditation........ whew.

I am truly enjoying the ride which is a rekindling of interests that began years back with the Seth material. I was unable to hook into that material in a practical way and this new wave is a pleasure to be sure as I have taken ideas/perspectives that I held on an intellectual level and applied them in day to day life. So again thanks and I have "payed forward" and will continue to do so.

Keep up the great work. (You know the thought for the day from Abraham was about the life of thoughts and how they animate themselves after being thunk. I just imagined what thought waves you have sent out with this type of work.

Posted by Patrick S

Hi Heather,

Greetings from South Africa . I think I am the youngest member on the forum. I have downloaded the Silent Language of Peace and also listened to it. Wow oh Wow oh Wow!!!! Absolutely Fantastic. I do believe that I now have exactly what I need to help me find a wealth of inner peace, happiness, serenity, abundance and prosperity. I am 69 years of age but it has been worth waiting for the knowledge I have gained from The Secret that helped me to find and receive this timely gift of love from you. Together they are the answer to everyone's prayer.

I just don't have words to express my gratitude for your generosity so I am not even going to try as I am sure that you know exactly what I mean. You are an amazing person and I know that it takes a special kind of person to put their needs aside in service to others. And you do it so unselfishly everyday and I want you to know that your hard work is really appreciated. We need more people like you who are willing to share their love as you do. I now believe that there is nothing more important than sharing our love. THANK YOU.

Namaste, Gerry

Posted by Gerhard van Rooyen
South Africa

Dearest Heather,

What a gift! I am so overwhelmed that it is hard to put into words. For the first time in my life, I get it. Your presentation brought it all together for me after such a long journey. The beauty of it all and your magic was to suspend logic and reason from my mind, allowing me to FEEL your message. THE message. No longer having to think . . . just feel. A being . . . allowed to live in and love human form.

I must share a human experience that you created for me today. I have been a golfer for 50 years now. If you are not a golfer yourself, I'm sure that you know one well enough to be able to relate. In most golfer's games there is some swearing involved. It usually emanates from the body not performing what the brain intended. The intention is usually the avoidance of a sand trap, a lake, a tree or any number of perils previously experienced. We may say that the particular shot is going to be long and straight or going to the bottom of the cup, but alas, fear wins hence the bad word or ten.

Well, today I decided to play completey with feeling and the true love that I have always had for the game. On every hole I surveyed the whole scene before me and told all of the hazards and myself that, "It's OK! This is none of our business." Then as I approached the ball I did a few 'very quiet' om-ah's then struck. It was as though Bagger Vance was my caddy. Now I really get that movie! My final result? I tied my own course record that I shot 27 years ago and had the most pure joy that I've had since my children were born.

See what you did? Wait until tomorrow. If I can get results with a silly game, what next . . . world peace?

Bless you and love,
Posted by Michael Ingram

Dear Heather,
Just a short note to say thank you for creating The Silent Language of Peace. It has been a beautiful life-saver during the past 3 months, particularly for my son, who is having some health challenges just now! And it has been - and continues to be - a great source of peace for me, while dealing with and caring for him.

Much love,
Imelda Duffy

Hello Heather,
You should know that your toning CD is healing many people in my community! It keeps expanding and changing the way we love ourselves and each other. I personally feel more in flow with my spirit. Thank you for the gift of healing!

Yvette Mitchell
Milwaukee, WI

What a lovely, lovely gift - thank you!! I downloaded the CD a week or so ago but only started listening yesterday...about 6 times since then. And am Paying-it Forward to a number of people who will also love it. Heather, your voice is, well - precious. Delicious. A gift all around.

Posted by Bobi Wilson

Thank you Heather for doing this for free and I have passed this on to many other people on another forum. I am so grateful for you doing this for free as it compliments the Secret very well, You are a truely wonderful person. :0)

Posted by Emily Smedley


Welcome back! You've been missed! I downloaded SLP in November and posted my thanks then - well my life has changed. Due to SLP. So I give my thanks again but it is pitiful (words) trying to convey what toning has done for my life. So I won't try further, just know you're in my heart.

Love Cass :o)
Posted by Cass G

I downloaded the silent language of peace a little over an hour ago and just finished the toning meditation. I cannot believe how I feel right now. I feel like I've just done 2 hours of yoga, but so much better! My hands, my brain, my skin, it all feels abuzz. When doing the toning, it felt like my brain was connecting to the music and the sound of my voice. Everyone needs to do this! Thank you Heather Macauley!!!!!!!

Posted by Kate Reidel

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Heather!
I just downloaded SLP and have track 7 playing right now. I was disappointed because I was not going to be able to listen to the whole thing right away, I had an appointment. I was getting ready to shut down my computer when I got a call asking to reschedule for tomorrow morning! As I had set aside quite a chunk of time for this appointment I now have plenty of time to listen!

I am new to LOA and was having some trouble not focusing on "lack" in my life when I couldn't afford the books, courses, and lectures I found. Your download has been such a blessing for me not only for the information it contains but in the fact that it renewed my faith in the abundance of the Universe!

You are a true and beautiful example of the power of giving. I hope that all you want and dream of comes to you through the power of your love and giving.

I have several friends and family members to whom I will Pay It Forward right away.

Oh, did I remember to say Thank You,

Posted by Amy McStay
Indianapolis, Indiana

Elaine Whitaker

Oh Heather.....thank you, thank you, thank you. I listened to the whole set and the Toning.... oh my it is awesome! I actually listened 2 times back to back because it was on my iTunes and another song came up immediately so to get the full feeling I listened twice.....I couldn't move after the toning, I felt as if part of my body was disconnected and had some tingling if you will and such a peaceful, warm feeling afterwards that I just layed there and succumbed to it! I have so many people in my life right now that would like to change and I will " Pay It Forward" as I sooo believe in paying it forward.

Thank You
Posted by Elaine Whitaker

Wow, Heather!

I just finished listening to the Toning Meditations and WOW! I got the same feeling that the poster above did. I felt very warm and "tingly" in my hands. I've had a hard time shutting my brain up today, so I'm going to try it again Monday because this is as good as it gets! I can STILL feel the tingly, warmness in my hands. I also felt vibrations along my right leg and the right side of my neck. I get "tingly" sometimes during silent meditation, but nothing like this.

I'll be passing this along to my Mother tomorrow and recommending it to whoever asks for advice on meditational tapes. :D

Once again, thank you so much for passing this on. I can only imagine how the Universe is going to reward you for this.

Posted by Kelly K.

Hi Heather

I just HAD to write to say thank you! My husband and I separated about a year ago, and over the last few months he has started to have a spiritual awakening. He was always asking me to coach him, to help him reach a higher level of understanding and to help him release anger from the past. Understandably, I was not the person best suited to coach him.

So it occured to me one day ... if I am not able to coach him then who would he resonate with.... and you popped into my mind. I ran over to your website and signed him up for your 40 day transformation course. Well, for the last few weeks he has been following your course (he has it all printed into a binder, sections highlighted, and pages getting worn from over reading) and he is realising a HUGE change. He is happier (I even heard him whistling!) he is more positive, and he has hope for the future. He is even kind and loving towards me!

So thank you Heather for being the connection he needed and for helping him find his path towards peace. Thanks again for all that you do.

Karen W.

Hi Heather :)

I've absolutely loved learning new ways of thinking about so many things through your wonderful 'Silent Language of Peace,' CD, and the timing is just perfect...but then isn't it always lol. I've been a member of different spiritual message boards over the years, and also visit others just to read and learn. For a few months I've been feeling slightly jaded by the same information being shared. I've always loved to learn and was feeling a need to step into new directions that were fresh and thought provoking. Watching What The Bleep, and then The Secret re-energised me and through that I somehow found my way to PI...and now to you and your inspirational thoughts and message you share through your work, the wonderful music...I love music :)....and the toning.

This is perfect for where I am at the moment and I will enjoy spending time playing the CD over and over. There are so many beautiful little gems of insights that made me smile, and also "lightbulb" moments that ring true for me that I need to hear and appreciate them again.

Thank you again for being a part of my new direction of thoughts, learning and understanding :)

With much love and appreciation
Patricia Anna

P.S. I absolutely LOVE Amelia's Affirmations on you "Children of Light Affirmations..." CD, for me it's breathtakingly beautiful. I don't have young children as my son is now an adult, but the beautiful thoughts you were projecting to your unborn child at the time were truly heart and spirit centred and brought tears to my eyes through the sheer beauty of your thought projections, totally wonderful. Until today I'd only heard the shortened version on your website and had re- played it many times but I discovered today there's a longer version through a download you've generously provided.

How could any child or mother not receive peace and love through your beautiful expressions of your soul and heart when listening to this. Your dear child Amelia chose wisely and well for you as her Mother, how blessed are you both to be connected - I speak as one who knows others who chose a very challenging and painful experience through their Earth parents

* * * * *

Heather I wanted to send you a little note.....
The Destination Transformation & 30 Days to finding a mate emails that I receive from you have been soooooo UPLIFTING! You are such a wonderful Angel from God for what you are doing for the world. I am passing your site along to other friends and family members of mine. I also will be looking into the other things you do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Love to YOU!!!
Teddy Clickscales

Hi Heather,

I can't tell you how many times I think of you and how you introducing me to the Silent Language of Peace and the power of intention has changed my perception of life. There are some times when I can feel I am totally in "the flow" as you put it. And there are many times I have remembered your explanation of the ocean waves coming in and going out, and knowing that when I hit a down moment, that the flow is sure to return. Thank you Thank you Thank you!! I keep practicing and intending to be as proficient in manifesting as you!

I have met in the past few years, all kinds of wonderful intuitive people. I probably wouldn't have been open to their gifts if I hadn't known you.

Jennifer Poulson
Salt Lake City, Utah


When I first had the opportunity to listen to "The Silent Language of Peace"... I went though the range of emotions from laughing out loud, (especially at the parts that we have all done or said, at one time or another) to complete awe of how she can share so much insight and wisdom in way that is so entertaining and easy to assimilate.

One of the best indications of an excellent teacher is their ability to put even the most complicated information into a format that almost anyone can understand. Heather has proven herself to be able to do just that. She presents the information in a way that makes you feel like she's sitting across the table from you...just a conversation with a friend...a kind, wise and caring friend. It is very personal, very useful, and reflects her depth and passion!

Over the years, I have used her stories and analogies hundreds of times. It has been incredibly helpful to illustrate these concepts in a way anyone can utilize. I posted her story about seeing your life as a 'chess game'..and I use that one a lot to help people understand that shifts that take place in our lives, especially in regard to relationship (which is a struggle for so many).

Another favorite quote that I use almost daily, either with myself or others, was something she shared about the process of life and transformation sometimes being chaotic, and 'trusting the process'....

Posted by Seneca Spirit

I read through the "manual" last night and after even one evening of putting some of your teachings into my life, I was amazed at how differently I felt, in short, AMAZING!! I haven't felt that good in a long time!! Thanks again.

Posted by Mildred Harris

oh Heather, what can I say? It seems that, resourcefull as you are, you found your way around & are now part of my life in other words, both of us must have orchestrated (yes!) this interference pattern in lieu of what used to be just two parallel realities or maybe we activated the pattern at the very beginning of time & it went percolating through the various dimensions of reality until it manifested in physical so it happened when I began playing the 1st track of your SLP, the foil voice in my head went: no big deal, you already know all of this & I went: that's ok, dear, since I have it I'm gonna listen to it anyway (just in case). The rest is history!
hugs 'n vibes

Posted by BoraBora LoveJoy

I listened today from start to finsih 1 - 7 just sat with it and played it all through. Also for the first time, I hummed with the toning instead of just listening and it resonated more. I enjoyed the experience very much! it's OK and it's none of my business - YUP!!!! very simple yet powerful statements...

I am grateful you shared this with us :)
Posted by Melissa Ward

Me ka hali`a aloha, Heather:
Your gift is teaching me how to transform my life. After listening to your teachings, I downloaded them to my MP3, made a CD version, and have them stored in Windows Media Player. I have been listening to them for at least 6 hours a day, whereever I am because I have access to your words. Coupled with the previous learnings I have had, your insights bring things into clearer focus and thoughts. I am constantly reminded of some earlier quotation or thought from one of the motivational speakers and when merged with your interpretation, the teaching begins to make perfect sense.

Mahalo Nui Loa for your gift.
Posted by Clyde Higa

Dearest Heather,
Mahalo Nui for the gift of your CD and e-books and all the other goodies made available via your web-site. You are an "in-spir-ation" (one in spirit)! This gift already feels like a boost to my personal Abundance and I have only heard the toning briefly while exploring your site. Deepest heart-felt Appreciation for the Gift of YOU. I look forward to many days of reading and listening and will be sharing this immediately with others.

With Deepest Sincerity,
Posted by Kerry the Kreator

Hi Heather,
I've been listening to your Peace CD for about 15 days and really love it and the toning! I find myself smiling a lot more for no reason, just a feeling of joy and happiness. I was contemplating what it means to be at peace always and I had a neat experience happen to me today that I wanted to share with you. I feel it was definitely the universe giving me a nudge.

I have not mentioned anything about the CD or the toning to my dad, but today, out of the blue, my dad handed me a gift. He said, "This is a gift from me to you. It is an Angel coin of Peace and Joy." It is a beautiful coin made in Mexico out of pure silver with a drawing of an angel on it and the words "Angel of Peace & Joy". Isn't that neat? I took it as God's way of showing me that I'm on the right path. Thanks so much for your gift of this CD.

Posted by Donna D.

Good Morning Heather,

I download the CD and listened to the tools you offered. All I can say is that you are a blessing to us all on this wonderful journey! I loved your explanations and your voice is so soothing and comforting. You indeed have a gift for touching people positively! I will implement the tools and hope to get positive changes/results~~I am excited!!! Thank you very much for your generosity,

In Gratitude Always,

Posted by Artemisa Herrera


Hello Heather, and I too thank you for the gift of the CD. From the moment I heard you voice I experienced peace. I recently attended a seminar and brought a burned copy of your message with me. And of course, I was presented with an opportunity to pass it along to someone DESPERATELY in need of peace and well-being. It was such a gift to give and your message resonated deep within her.

Here is what I'd like to say about what I'm noticing. I wake up everyday with gratitude and excitement wondering what the day will bring. I have been studying and immersing myself in LOA and peace and love for nearly a year now. Your message is something I've been listening to for just under a week. All of this combined, here is what I'm noticing....that I am feeling very peaceful! Isn't that great?! Yes! It is. I like where I am much better and will just continue to flow the love and peace within, sharing it whenever I can, wherever I can to make whatever difference I can.

Thank you again for sharing your gift.

Posted by Kim Jenkins

I too have experienced these types of feelings~ It's like a total peacefulness that does not end.... I also noticed that I have bigger and bigger gaps of no thought!, just calm, clarity and if I do get a thought its a positive one, good thoughts, and I keep hearing more so now, "It will all be okay, all is fine"..... Wonderful that we are all experiencing positive results, I also notice that I seem to calm others who are in my household, work? for example, the other night my husband got a little upset at not figuring out a computer issue, he asked for my help, but unfortunately, I could not figure it out as well. He was clearly frustrated, I went to the living room, sat there and remained calmed, peaceful and accepting.... a few minutes after, I went into our bedroom to get something and approached him, he responded so calmly, peacefully! like he felt the energy that I was carrying... his attitude and frustration disappeared! I love being a magnet of Peace and helping others in this journey! All the Best,

Posted by Artemisa Herrera

I also want to express my tremendous gratitude to Heather for her wonderful toning meditation. I have a lot of things to work through, and despite some relapses, I feel like I am generally moving in a positive direction and I am getting to experience more peaceful feelings each day. I was stuck in a "victim" pattern for a long time, so it's not exactly a smooth path for me to become a completely joyful, liberated person, but even with the relapses back to the "victim mentality" and limited thinking, I see that I'm making progress. I think the meditation and words of wisdom that Heather and others on this forum were so kind to share have a lot to do with it.

I recently made a conscious decision to allow myself to receive, as this has been a problematic area for me, and to my complete surprise, someone whom I don't even know that well, offered a gift to me, for no reason! This person has tons of women falling over themselves for him; I would think he wouldn't even register my existence, and yet, he offered a gift to me, without any asking on my part. I take that as a great sign that the meditations and the affirmations I'm repeating to myself almost every day are starting to work! I also experience more calm feelings in general; which might not be a lot for some people but for me it's a significant difference. I haven't had any arguments with even the people who usually trigger my buttons, and I think I'm becoming more patient, thought it's still not easy for me. Thank you again.

Heather--you are an Angel!

Posted by Nicole Kent

Thank you for sharing unconditional love! I am filled up and overflowing with love. I have awareness of the greatness in All and I am at peace. What a wonderful gift you have shared here, Heather! You are truly amazing!

With thanks and love,

Posted by Laurie DeMent

Dear Heather,
Having talked with you at length and benefited from your extraordinary intuition, lucidity, kindness, crystal clear thinking, beauty, knowledge peacefulness and joy, I have to say that this Silent Language of Peace Cd is yet another great great gift. I use it daily and rejoice in every word, every sound. Rest assured that I will pay it forward. Thank you

Posted by Geni Lawrence

Thankyou so much. SLP relates to all aspects of my life, it fits. Thankyou for your love of yourself as this has made it possible for me to find some more love for myself. Namaste - this is a new phrase for me but i understand it to mean that we are all lovely and share very similar properties. I am in gratitude for our oneness.

Posted by Victoria (Toria) Lamb

Dear Heather,

This is another HUGE thanks to you!! I have downloaded and listened; I'm about to practice and would love to say how much the music, your voice and your words resonated fully. I had at times tears of overwhelming inner emotion rise as your words were recognized - it was beautiful in so many ways. THANK YOU for being you and in learning what you have.

I own the 'pay it forward' video as it so impressed me. I am wrapt to see it in action!!!!! I have paid it forward via you - with gratitude. I even had a friend on the phone with it held up to the speaker (so synchronistic - she had just said to herself about her man -"it's ok...") so I could let her hear your words on 'it's ok'. LOL.


Posted by Cass G

Me ka hali`a aloha, Heather:

I am into my 4th week of listening to the "Silent Language of Peace" on a daily basis (as I mentioned before, I have it on my MP3 player, portable CD, and in my car).

Things I notice about myself and "my world" nowadays:

1) Smile, laugh, joke more genuinely
2) Sit and stand straighter
3) Talk to strangers more easily
4) Do not engage in negative conversations as often
5) People approach me and talk to me more often than in the past
6) Truly compliment other people more
7) Not as "stand-off-ish" as in the past
8) More "bounce" in my step
9) Don't FORCE myself to feel better
10) Daily life is much more pleasant
11) Negative-thinking, negative-speaking, "negative-anything" is diminishing
12) Positive, creative ideas are flowing through my mind constantly
13) More willing and easier to forgive
14) Gratitude and thankfulness flows
15) Sleep less but feel more energized

Heather, I could go on and on; but, you get the picture. As you related, "one day, I suddenly realized that I didn't have to try to push the negative thoughts out of my head, they simply weren't there."

Does it feel to you that this positiveness is an "exponential" thing? That is, over the first two weeks or so, I was drinking from a flattened straw; but, within the last three to four days, that straw has turned into a fire hose.


Posted by Clyde Higa


I want to say THANK YOU Heather for this beautiful CD and meditation!. I have been listening to it for about 2 months now. Something curios happened to me about 3 weeks ago that I wanted to share. One morning I meditated with the song on the CD before going to the Dr for an annual check. On my way to the DR. I also play and chant the song in the car. Once in the Dr. office they did the EKG test (measure the rhythm of the heart); during the exam the nurse told me to relax so I thought it was a good idea to meditate again, but this time just in my mind like trying to listen to the song. By the time I got to work I had a message from them telling me that they would have to do the exam again because they got strange results: my heart rate was too low. Jejeje! I just prove to myself that this really works for me!!! THANK YOU.

I went back did the test again and it was perfect. Thank you!

Posted by Raiza Sosa de Novak

Heather I want to say thank you for your Silent Language of Peace... As you can see I am an english beginner.... (oopps it is not written :-) Your beautiful words and music were addressed to my heart and my soul ... I feel so quiet, all my angers, my sadness my fears went down.... All my thought are clear like crystal.... I wanted to ask you something... When I was a child I had a stong faith about angels and at the moments where I cried I heard in my "mind" a kind of music like your toning meditation... I thought it was the angel singing to comfort me, it disapear when I got older :-)

Are you an angel :-) ???

Posted by Magali Marguelles

Hi Heather:
My really good friend Positive Pete of Powerful Intentions turned me on to Pay It Forward and your Silent Language of Peace - so I thank him so much for "bugging" me until he knew I had followed through and to you for making it possible! I, like someone else who posted, have it on my ipod, in my car, and playing on my computer often. It is really a beautiful compilation of resources presented so simply I cannot thank you enough.

The exciting thing to me is that I passed it on to my beautiful daughter who is 7 months pregnant so she and her baby boy can listen to it together for the next few months and enjoy the peace and hope of new life together. Thank you again for your vision of sharing!

Posted by Dinny Harter

Thank you so very much Heather, your generosity is amazing. I have been listening to your CD for the past few days now and I am feel constantly energised and excited. I have this amazing tingly feeling of anticipation in my solar plexus and so many wonderful things have happened to confirm my new found optimism. I have payed it forward to everyone I can think of and will also continue to download it and
pass it on as a CD to anyone else. Thank once again and keep up the good work.

With love and gratitude :)

Posted by Val Stanton


Well, the Universe never ceases to amaze me. I have been concentrating and intending to manifest more money into my life. I know the money / prosperity is mine it’s just not part of my reality at this time. But, I also realized that my concentration is keeping the realized money / prosperity in the future – not the present.

This morning I awakened with gratitude. Gratitude from the dream I had telling me the money / prosperity is mine for the taking. Present now. As I started my daily waking up routine I was overwhelmed with the feeling of love.

One of my new routines is checking the Powerful Intentions forums while I have my coffee. This has replaced listening to the morning news on the radio. And what a gift the Universe had for me today! I usually scan the topics for the one or two that “speak” to me. Today it was Pay It Forward - FREE Silent Language of Peace Download. I read through. I downloaded. I participated. I had several ahaas. I feel peaceful!

Heather, THANK YOU SO MUCH for being the instrument I was guided to this morning. I am grateful for the ahaas and will definitely share this experience with others.

Posted by Alice Whyte


Wow Heather, Thank you! I think I found your site through the link on this forum while following a link from but I can't remember (poor show really as it was only Monday), anyway. I downloaded
the audio and pdf. I listened to the entire cd laying in bed. I started listening at 10pm and the next thing I knew was that it was 2am and I woke up feeling the most at peace I have felt in as long as I remember. I had a great sleep and again woke up and felt so at peace. It stayed with me for most of the day. Thank you.

That day I must have paid it forward to about 3 or 4 friends. Since then I have listened to the entire cd when I get in bed and the toning meditation when I wake up. I haven't felt as peaceful as the first time but I think I have been letting some exterior negativity at work get the better of me. I must concentrate on the 7 day mental diet more.

In short, thank you very much. I will keep paying forward.

Posted by Ricky Graham


Hi Heather,

A million thank-yous. You are truly blessed. You did mention A Course In Miracles a few times, and I've read almost all of it. I find the CD in harmony with the Course. After listening to the Silent Language of Peace, I feel extremely peaceful and with God. Thank you so much!!!!!!!

Posted by Rita McClellan


I am a frequent reader of PI,(but an infrequent poster - grin!) and always check to see what is on this thread!! I love reading everyone's comments - what a wonderful thread - a beautiful sililoqui of positive thoughts!

Let's see ... I think it's been about a month and as I popped in the "Ahhh-Ommmm" tape yesterday, I realized that I wanted to let you know again how much I love it!

I often play it as I fall asleep -- I play it over and over again in the morning as I write my "creative Playspace" dreams. I play it whenever I want to "drop the oars" and float downstream ....... I just love the way it makes me feel and how I easily stop the "mind chatter" for awhile and just reconnect to the lighter, happier, more peaceful side of myself.

So this is a GIANT thank you!!! What a lovely gift you have given Heather! One that keeps on giving and giving........ and I pay it forward every time I use it and reconnect to the loving, accepting person I truly am!!!

Posted by Nancy Nash
Martha's Vineyard


I want to thank you for being so consistant with the replies in this thread! You are BEAUTIFUL!

I am still trying to get to the point where I listen to the CD everyday for 30 days lol! It seems that I keep allowing life to "get in the way", but I have listened enough to know that it is a desire for me to make the commitment to listen every day for 30 days lol!

I have "burned" two copies of Silent Language for my mother-in-law and my friend, who are both back in PA! I will be sending them with the intention that they will get what they need out of it because it IS so very powerful! If it weren't for you offering this gift to me, I would be very conflicted personally with the current "situation"! Thanks to you, I am allowing myself to view it as entirely OKAY! I love you more
than words and your wisdom is beyond invaluable!

Posted by Amy Kling

Heather thank you for such a great gift! I downloaded it and burned it to a CD, listened twice so far and will listen again and again. I loaned it to a friend yesterday and she said you made her cry twice and she hadn't even finished it yet! You are gifted with a beautiful voice and I really appreciate the quality of information as well as the recording. Phenomenal! I put you in a seat right next to my most inspiring
speaker Wayne Dyer!

Keep doing what you are doing, you are an inspiration to me! God Bless!

Posted by Sue Hawks

Dearest Heather,

I cannot thank you enough for sharing this wonderful gift with all of us. The one word that keeps popping into my mind when I want to describe it is: “PERFECT”. It was perfect timing. It has the perfect lesson. Your voice is perfect and is totally beautiful. It enhances my life perfectly. I fall asleep to it every night since I got it because it is perfectly calming. Perfectly Awesome!!

I always love how everything falls into place in my life. I am in constant amazement and absolutely loving how I am learning every day. I had to laugh when I listened to your words as you mentioned Wayne Dyers book “Manifest Your Destiny”. Because I was just finishing up the last chapter when I heard you mention the book, my mouth had to hang open a bit and I must have looked like a little child when I clapped my hands with glee over the perfection of it all. When Wayne described how the toning was supposed to work, I have to admit that I was not really quite sure I understood. Naturally I had another little chat with God and I asked if he would explain things a little better. That is when you came into my life. Thank you so much for taking the time to teach me how to enhance my spirit. I know that this perfect gift will benefit anyone who will take the time to listen.

Posted by Lovely Clarity


I just wanted to say Thank You for this wonderful CD. I could sit and listen to your toning for hours. (I do tone along with it but I also listen to it just for enjoyment as well)


Posted by Nick Stefanski

Hi Heather

You are just AWESOME. I have downloaded the SLP and listened to it over and over again since yesterday. My friend your voice sounds as pure as dew drops and coupled with the background score that you have, it just spells MAGIC to the MIND.

My biggest intention is to walk on my two feet by the end of this year and for that I was sincerely looking for some expert help with LOA. I just have an intuitive nudge in my mind that says you could be the COACH that I have been looking for to transform my life, thanks.

Posted by Jitendra Biswal

Thank you so much for this, i've been listening to it (and toning with it) for a few weeks now, and the transformations are becoming more obvious constantly..something i've been working through has been a lot easier than it would have been without you. So much good information, such a beautiful spirit. Thank you.

Posted by King Rio

Heather, I also want to thank you for this wonderful gift and guide. I'm on day 5 of the 40-days, 2-days into the week long mental diet, and am grateful for the amazing toning meditation. it is just wonderful, all of it. and a very special guide to me at this time. I will let you know when I complete the forty days. Your voice and program are exceptional. Thank you.

Posted by I Am Love

Thank you so much Heather! This toning is superb! I love it! What a wonderful tool for the goodness of all! This has helped me more than words can express. What a blessing you are to all!

Love and gratitude!

Posted by Rose Minnis

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